Theres certain things in life that people make choices on based on preference. For example to name a few: What car do you purchase? What color? Which cell phone do you normally use? And as it pertains to our mission at Milkman Tactical, which firearm do you chose as your carry gun?

These are all very unique decisions, and they all come with some weight, but when you look around, you can begin to draw parallels with peoples preferences in reference to material possessions. 

I don't believe there is ever a RIGHT or WRONG choice when it comes purely to preferences as it relates to material items. As it pertains to guns, one of the ideas that I teach newer shooters all the time is "what appeals to you may not appeal to me, but the confidence you have in that product is the most important, and appeal adds to it". Personally, I enjoy waking up in the morning and grabbing my customized G43 out of its lock box and putting it on my hip, because the gun is beautiful to me and exciting, thus boosting my confidence and making me WANT to practice more often. Both very positive things.


Our clothing is also a reflection of our preference and also our over all style. People often wear sports shirt, hats, or lanyards to boast their favorite team. Others use their clothing to make statements with graphic tees and on and on it goes. 

I personally designed each T Shirt in our debut "Patriot Collection" to increase the confidence of our customers when they wear our products. These designs are a great way to express your love for America and the Second Amendment. Each shirt is outfitted with an American Flag on the left sleeve, just the way you like it!


I hope to see y'all soon. Follow us on other social media platforms for more news and content @milkmantactical !


-Ryan President


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